Curriculum Vitae
Prepared: 23rd April, 2013
65 Zillman Rd
Ocean View
QLD 4521

Ph: +61 431 588 374


Industry Certifications

·         Microsoft Certified Professional Developer – SharePoint 2010
·         Microsoft Certified IT Professional – SharePoint 2010
·         Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer (MCSD)
·         Microsoft Certified Technical Specialist - SQL Server
·         MCTS WSS 3.0 Administration
·         MCTS WSS 3.0 Development
·         MCTS MOSS 2007 Administration
·         MCTS MOSS 2007 Development
·         Prince 2 Practitioner

summary of Qualifications

·         Team Supervision / Management, delegation of duties, general mentoring and training.
o   Working on and providing a structured, product based project management environment for my teams in Large Projects and Programmes.
o   Structured Mentoring Programmes including class led training.

·         Design, Implementation and Administration of end to end solutions in Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007, SharePoint Server 2010 and SharePoint 2013 utilizing various associated technologies including Nintex, K2 and out custom code.

·         7+ years .NET Development -  SharePoint 2003 to 2013 including:
o   Custom WSS/MOSS Development including Web Parts, Custom Workflows (Developed in Visual Studio, K2 and Nintex), SharePoint Feature and Solution packaging and deployment, Web, List and List Item event handlers, Custom Actions, Custom timer Jobs, Application pages, PowerShell administration and server/content manipulation, Custom Forms, InfoPath, BDC components and direct integration into 3rd party LOB Apps, Large Scale enterprise deployment and solution architecture.
o   The development of custom provisioning frameworks to simplify SharePoint solution development, testing and deployment.

·         7+ years .NET Development in C# and VB.NET in Visual Studio 2000, 2005, 2008.
o   Thin Client/Web Based Solutions using ASP .Net (v1.1 -> v4.0 in C# and VB.NET) including Ajax style applications and n-Tier Solutions involving XML Web Services.
o   Smart Client / Windows Applications and Office Add-ins developed in .NET
o   Ground up design and implementation of custom applications.

·         SQL Server 2005/2008/2008R2/2012 Installation, Administration, Configuration and Maintenance including Database Design, Development and Implementation including clustering and supported technologies to support HA.

·         Microsoft ISA Server 2004/2006 and Threat Management Gateway Installation, Administration, Maintenance and Configuration Including Single Sign On and Integration with SharePoint including dual authentication (Integrated windows and ASP.Net Accounts accessing the same site)

·         Installing, Configuring and Maintaining Windows Server 2000, 2003, 2008 and 2008R2, 2012 including:
o   Active Directory Maintenance and Group Policy Creation/Modification to support advanced SharePoint implementations involving cross domain Kerberos authentication, multiple domain test environments including DNS and forest trust configuration.
o   IIS 5.0/6.0/7.0 Web Site Implementation and Maintenance (MOSS/WSS Sites and Custom Sites).


Myriad Technologies –
Senior Consultant - Various
June 2010 - Current

Senior Consultant

o    Architected multiple end-to-end solutions in SharePoint 2010 from hardware and networking infrastructure, Windows Server and domain builds, SQL server clustering and ‘Always-On’ technologies through to distributed and replicated SharePoint farm design, custom components and LOB system integration.
o    Lead large scale projects (500K+) with clients being responsible for the profit and loss, resourcing, day to day project management and ultimately delivery.
o    Enterprise Architecture through the development of ICT Strategy and Roadmaps aligning IT and Organisational Vision for clients.
o    Mentored Mid-Level and Junior consultants in SharePoint Development through both formal workshops and ad-hoc training in all aspects of SharePoint solution implementation including Nintex, Custom Coded Solutions and ‘out of the box’ Web UI Development.
o    Introduced and supported solution delivery standards and QA procedures.
o    Designed, Implemented and maintained a TFS Server for all custom development including configuration of internal and external access via the configuration of a TMG server.
o    Developed a provisioning framework to provide junior and non-developer staff the ability to package and deploy SharePoint solutions including Nintex Workflow and configuration through a traditional controlled SDLC abstracting the requirement to work with the SharePoint and Nintex APIs.
o    Provided one–on–one training and consulting services to various clients to educate in best practices and appropriate design patterns for business automation solutions implemented in SharePoint.

Dimension Data –
Origin Energy Lessons Learned System
Nov 2010 – May 2010

Senior SharePoint .Net Developer

o    Developed a custom interface into an existing application utilizing the OOB SharePoint Web Services, XSLT and client side transformation.
o    Developed event handlers to enforce business rules, custom notifications and provide validation.
o    Developed a lightweight data abstraction and business layer to abstract SharePoint API calls.
Dimension Data –
July 2010 – Oct 2010

Senior SharePoint .Net Developer

o    Worked in a team of five developers on a hybrid ASP.Net / SharePoint system to handle Applications for Real-Estate Development for TMR (Transport and Main Roads)
o    Designed and Developed Middle Tier Business Logic extending the Entity Spaces ORM / data abstraction framework.
o    Designed and Implemented Web Parts containing custom User Controls and Server Controls extending the Dev Express Web Control Suite.
o    Modified existing K2 Workflows including the development of instantiation forms and custom validation.
o    Assisted in automating the build and deploy process through the creation of PowerShell scripts partnered with custom.Net libraries interrogating solution deployment status.
o    Deployed and Modified custom styling including master page and page layouts for the portal hosting the application.
o    The ground up build of several environments (SQL, MOSS and K2) for testing and development purposes.
o    Developed an extensive abstract framework of controls for re-use throughout the application.

Origin Energy – Consultant (self-employed)
APLNG Upstream Phase 1 Project
January 2010 – July 2010

Intranet Developer

o    Developed a SharePoint (MOSS 2007) based intranet for the APLNG Upstream Phase 1 Project
o    Played a key role in all stages of the development lifecycle from conception and requirements gathering and documentation to design and implementation.
o    The implementation of a UAT Server to mimic production.
o    Site development included:
§  SharePoint Content Type and List Definitions.
§  Custom Web Parts authored in .Net
§  XSLT Development (used in conjunction with custom content query web parts)
§  Programmatic interaction with WSS Web Services and data transformation utilizing Javascript/JQuery and XSLT.
§  Custom Master Pages and Page Layouts
o    All development packaged in SharePoint Features and solutions and was provided to Operations with automated installation and roll-back scripts.

HP Enterprise Services
July 2009 – January 2010

Team Lead – Desktop Collaboration Service (MOSS 2007)

o    Led a team of three SharePoint engineers in finalizing the design and implementing a MOSS 2007 Solution to service some 68,000 users.
o    Analysed initial tender requirements, documented business requirements, developed the corresponding technical requirements and finally negotiated and finalized the subsequent requirements traceability matrix with the customer.
o    Where required, in-depth and detailed design direction was given to developers in best practices and tips and tricks to make life easier when working with the MOSS/WSS API’s.
o    Provided detailed design to AD team to prepare domain including GPO development for local security policies and SPN / Trust settings to ensure Kerberos Authentication.
o    Presentation to Numerous Architectural Forums and Review Boards in relation to the design of our solution, integration with other solutions and security implications.
o    Assisted the Project Manager and Programme Manager in communicating timelines, road blocks and resource requirements for the project.
o    Developed internal (team) project schedules, timelines and resource plans.
o    Analysed requirements identifying deliverables that were dependent on parallel project deliveries.  Worked with the relevant team leads and project managers to see co-ordination between the projects to ensure deadlines could be met.

Technical Lead– SOEasy Document Management System
o    Co-ordinated and provided direction in gathering business requirements and the development of subsequent technical requirements.
o    Development of associated project schedules and resource plans.
o    Conceptualization, Design, Development and Implementation of a complete MOSS 2007 technical solution including associated capacity planning, a three server production farm, Backup Infrastructure and Disaster Recovery Plans and a Pre-Production Test Environment.
o    Design of Active Directory Group Policies, Networking and Physical Server Specifications to ensure solution functionality and meet requirements.
o    Provided direction and co-ordination in the development of internal document control, management and records retention policies and procedures.

Administration– LionHeart (SOEasy MOSS Implementation & Document Repository)

o    Day to Day administration and troubleshooting of the MOSS 2007 Implementation serving the SOEasy Account.
o    Co-ordinated the efforts of several teams to see the restoration of the environment post a complete server failure.  The effort included the acquisition and build of a new server, migration to a different physical location and associated networking configuration.  Full functionality was restored in less than 24 hours.

Origin Energy – Solutions Architect

The Design, Architecture, Development, Implementation and maintenance of a Multi Farm, International MOSS 2007 Team Site Infrastructure including:

o    The design and development of themes, css files and custom developed components to align the look and feel of the SharePoint sites with corporate branding.

o    The conceptualization, design and development of a distributed ‘mysite’ environment between multiple farms over a WAN.

o    The conceptualization, design and development of a controlled documents library to facilitate the quick location of work instructions and procedures for critical plant operations including process owner approval workflow developed in VS 2008, Custom Interface and Site Schema.

o    Architected and implemented multiple eForm solutions utilizing Nintex.

o    The leadership / supervision and education of a team to customise team sites based on department’s business requirements.

o    The conceptualization and design of a distributed video streaming solution over multiple international sites  including major components utilising MOSS 2007, Windows Server 2008 and related rich media technologies.

o    The conceptualisation, design and development of a solution based in MOSS 2007/WSS 3.0 integrating GPInfo (a spatial based software package) allowing user’s the ability to view related documents via a selection from a map based interface without the need/cost/complexity of enterprise moss/BDC

o    The design of a component to populate a set of SharePoint lookup lists from a third party access database including the retention of foreign key relations and spatial data.

o    Supervised and oversaw the development of a purchase order and DOA systems using Integration between InfoPath and SharePoint.

o    Designed and developed multiple ad-hoc custom tools to audit / perform bulk operations on entities within the farm via relevant APIs.

The Design, Architecture, Development, Implementation and maintenance of a Nation-Wide Complete Document Management Solution completely based in Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2003 including:

o    The development of a central repository for all business critical documents

o    A Document-Centric based system that provided relevant meta-data fields based on a set of document classes.

o    Controlled List Metadata fields that are filtered based on previous metadata choices.

o    The development of Custom Forms for uploading, modifying, subscribing and viewing and relating documents.

o    A custom security model that provided user defined ACL’s on a per document basis (an option not provided in SharePoint 2003).

o    A Custom Alert model that provided any user notification options based on any single document (An option not provided by SharePoint 2003)

o    A Custom Interface into the repository including per-department filtering automatically obtained via integration with Active Directory and associated Global Security Groups and Distribution Lists

o    Two Custom Search Interfaces including a simple keyword search and an advanced drill down search with the ability for users to save, retrieve and modify personal ‘views’ into the system.

o    The development of a user request based security group application to simplify the creation of ACL’s

o    The creation of web parts on the intranet portal for the publishing of documents contained within the DMS.

o    A set of Microsoft Office 2003 Add-In and associated middle tier web services that provides the ability for a user to publish a document and required meta-data to the System from the ‘File’ menu within Word, Excel, Outlook etc. 

o    The development of a ‘Thick Client’ that allowed for bulk uploads by giving an end user the ability to queue and assign meta-data to multiple similar Documents.

Advanced knowledge and hands on experience in the development of an intranet portals using:

o    Windows SharePoint Services v2.0 / v3.0 and SharePoint Portal Server 2003 / MOSS 2007 Including:

§  The Design, Architecture, Implementation and maintenance of a farm to act as the company division intranet.  Including significant rebranding and custom navigation control set developed in Visual Studio 2003. (~650 Employees)

§  The Design, Development, Packaging and deployment of Custom Applications for SharePoint Server 2003 / MOSS 2007 including forms for SharePoint Lists and Workflows all within Visual Studio 2005/2008 Including:

·         A Custom Phone List/Profile Edit Screen with updates pushed directly to Active Directory Objects.
·         New User Request System including a custom approval workflow from nominated supervisor then IT Department with Automated active directory user account creation / manipulation.
·         Action tracking system with the ability to attach documents using a SharePoint Library as the document store with automated metadata classification based on the context and properties of the record.

§  The Design, Architecture, Implementation and maintenance of a company Intranet Solution involving considerable branding and a custom navigation solution developed in dot NET. (~350 Employees)

§  The publishing of MOSS 2007 site collections externally including the implementation of a Two Factor Single Sign On Environment via Microsoft ISA Server 2006 and the RSA Authentication Suite.

Microsoft .NET / SQL Server 2000/2005 Application Design and Development Including:

o    Stand-alone Web Based Solutions involving the Design, Development, Implementation, Documentation and Maintenance of:
§  IT Job Logging System in ASP .NET

§  SQL Based Automated Computer Build Audit System

§  The development of an Action Tracking System for a multi-million dollar gas plant.

§  Management of Change Workflow System integrated into the aforementioned Document Management System.

§  Distributed Well Production Database including the automated import of data from a 3rd party product based InSQL with supporting Windows forms application providing integration with Excel.

§  The creation, administration and maintenance of the web sites and corresponding application pools hosting the applications within IIS 6.0.

§  IT Audit Database to track employee logins against date & time, IP, workstation name and authenticating DC and a web part to provide an interface to the data.

Advanced knowledge and hands on experience in the development of enterprise solutions using the specific technologies:

o    SharePoint 2013, 2010, 2007 & 2003
o    Dot Net Frame Work (v1.1, 2.0, 3.0 & 3.5)
o    Windows Workflow Foundation, Nintex and K2.
o    Visual Studio 2003, Visual Studio 2005 and Visual Studio 2008
o    C# / VB .net
o    ASP.Net
o    Custom User Controls (ascx)
o    Custom Web Server Controls (.dll)
o    SharePoint Web Parts
o    SharePoint CSOM
o    nTier Solutions via Web Services (asmx/wsdl)
o    Http Handlers/Modules
o    Ajax Based Applications (inc. custom Java Script & XMLHTTP/HTML DOM/SOAP)
o    IIS 5.0, 6.0 and 7.0
o    JavaScript/JQuery
o    Cascading Style Sheet (CSS)
o    SQL 2000, SQL 2005, SQL 2008, SQL 2008R2 (T-SQL)
o    Authoring, Maintenance and Tuning of Relational Databases
o    Windows Server 2012, 2008R2, 2008, 2003, 2000
o    Paintshop Pro

Intermediate knowledge and hands on experience in the development of enterprise solutions using the specific technologies:

o    Synaptic One Place Mail
o    Nintex Forms
o    AvePoint SharePoint Suite


·         June 2011 – Current
Senior Consultant
Myriad Technologies

·         July 2010 – June 2011
Consultant (self-employed)
Dimension Data

·         January 2010 – July 2010
SharePoint Portal Consultant (self-employed)
Origin Energy

·         July 2009 – January 2010
HP Enterprise Services (Formerly EDS)
SOEasy Singapore Government Account
Senior Infrastructure Specialist.

·         August 2004 – June 2009
Origin Energy – Exploration and Production Division
Brisbane, Australia.
Senior Analyst Programmer / SharePoint Architect

·         Previously


  • 2011
Self-Paced Training Course
MCPD – SharePoint Server 2010
MCITP – SharePoint Server 2010
  • 2008
    Self-Paced Training Course
    MCTS: WSS Administration
MCTS: WSS Development
MCTS: MOSS Administration
MCTS: MOSS Development

  • 2007New Horizons
    MCTS (SQL 2005), MCTS (SharePoint), MCSD

  • 2004New Horizons
    Microsoft .NET Development
    Certification Obtained: MCAD


  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Project management and planning
  • Compliance with change control and all relevant standards
  • Strong interpersonal communications
  • Investigation and resolution of complex technical problems


  • Enthusiasm
  • Lateral, ‘Out of the Box’ thinking
  • The ability to lead people? (‘Sus out people’s strengths and weaknesses and task appropriately)
  • A professional approach to dealing with multiple stakeholders
  • Report writing skills
  • Good communication and listening skills
·         Independent operation and the ability to self-motivate
  • Ability to work in a team environment
  • Work successfully in a multi task environment
  • Ability to work autonomously
  • Ability to “keep it simple” and communicate effectively with non-technical staff
  • Customer service orientation


Available upon request.

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